Neon Rider Controls & Instructions – How to Play

Neon Rider has very basic and easy controls as you can see below. Keep in mind your progress will be saved so you can always come back and play from where you left it.

Space: restart level
Escape: end level
W: accelerate
S: brake
A: tilt left
D: tilt right
Arrow keys: change bike’s color

In Neon Rider you gonna have to try to fit your bike’s color to the line its currently on. Otherwise, you’ll most likely fail on that track or achieve a minimum score. The only exception to that rule is the BLUE line. Thus, when you’re on a blue line, it doesn’t really matter what color your bike is. If you’re on a green line though and your bike is blue, sorry, you have most likely failed! Cool gameplay, huh?

Neon Rider

Neon Rider

Irrelevant, but Neon Rider was a Canadian Drama Television Series!

Neon Rider Tips and Tricks

To play Neon Rider well, you must be alert. A cool way to keep track of what’s coming is to always pay attention to the minimap on the bottom-left corner. That way, you will know what color will the next line be and you’ll be able to adjust your bike before hand. To maximize your score, finish the tracks as fast as possible. Better yet, try performing stunts, flip your bike in the air for more points and make sure you gather valuable items while you’re at it!

Neon Rider Information

Neon Rider and Neon Rider World flash games, were both programmed by Louis-Simon Ménard, commonly known as Luissi. Both of these car games were published by Armor Games. Neon Rider World is believed to be one of the best free online games ever published. There’s quite inspiring techno music that perfectly fits the Neon Rider theme and concept. However, if you’re not a fan, you can mute both the music and the sound effects (there’s a separate option). Being a fan of driving games, Neon Rider is simply a game you cannot miss.

Neon Rider is probably not one of the so called educational games or learning games but it’s definitely one of the primary free web games for having your reflex tested! Neon Rider will rock your world!John K.

More free online video games coming soon! Stay tuned to play games for free, here at neonrider dot org!


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